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“Fushikino” was a word often used by Sennorikyu, who had profound influence on “Chanoyu”, the Japanese "Way of Tea". The word “Fushikino” coincides with other Japanese words such as ”Fushigi (miraculous) ” or “Fushiki (innocent)” which are used in the teachings of Japanese ZEN. If it were translated into modern term, it will mean “something unexpected” or “something new”.
By choosing the word deeply linked to Sennorikyu for our restaurant’s name, we learn from Chanoyu culture, furthermore, we sincerely hope to serve you a pleasant and unexpected thrill from à la carte to SAKE as you have never tasted before.

Yusuke Miyashita
September 1, 2011

At Fushikino, guests are served a course menu beautifully prepared by our experienced “Kyo-kaiseki” chef, expert in traditional Japanese Kyoto style of eating. Guests enjoy each cuisine served with different SAKE well selected from all over Japan by a SAKE sommelier.
To bring out the best of the authentic Japanese cuisine, SAKE are served in different manners; “Reishu (cold SAKE)”, “Nurukan (lukewarm SAKE)” and “Atsukan (hot SAKE)”. Additionally, the sake cup that the exquisite SAKE is served in has its own rich history and story. We have a variety of SAKE cups created by new ceramic designers, “Living National Treasure” masters, and even centuries-old antiquities. Come and enjoy the harmony of Cuisine, SAKE, and the ceramics. But most importantly, dive into Japanese culture and the “IKI (sophisticated)” culture of Japanese SAKE.
Dates: Open from the 6th of each month to the end of the month.

*The first 5 days of the months are bar style.
*Business days are subject to change depending on the month.
Hours:7:00pm-11:00pm (Final entrance is 9:00pm)
*May ask to change reservation time depending on booking situations.
Closed: Sundays and public holidays.
Menu:fixed course (includes sake) \16,000 (before tax) *8 plates and 8 types of sakes *extra charge for more than 4GO (approx. 720 ml) of beer or SAKE
Dates: The first 5 days of the months
*From 6th of every month, it is restaurant style
*Business days are subject to change depending on the month.
Hours:7:00pm-11:00pm (Final entrance is 10:00pm)
*Reservation is not needed but checking availability
by phone before your arrival is recommended.
Closed: Sundays and public holidays.
Menu:Small Dish¥700~
Sake (80ml)¥700
Sake (160ml) ¥1,200
Bottled Beer¥800
*all prices shown are before tax
*During Bar Style, course menu is not served
*¥500 (before tax) for table charge.


Phone : 03−3269−4556
*If you are not a Japanese speaker, please e-mail us for
accurate reservations.
E- Mail:fushikino@gmail.com
*Please include the below information.
We will get back to you with availability.

・Name (both first and last)
・Phone number
・Reservations Dates and time
Availability : Please check the seat availability by calendar here
Other Notes : If there are any changes of number of people or cancelation, please let us know before the day of the reservation. If you cancel on the reservation day, cancelation charge of ¥16,000 will incur. We accept private parties (whole restaurant) from a group of more than 8 people (maximum 10).


Address :2nd flour, TK building, 4-3, Kagurazaka,
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
*From the Kagurazaka Shopping Street, go into HONDA YOKOCHO.
2nd floor of the 3rd building
*You will be asked to take off your shoes upon entrance.
Phone: 03−3269−4556
E-Mail :fushikino@gmail.com
By train :5 minutes walk from each station listed below West exit, Iidabashi Station, JR B3 exit, Iidabashi Station, Chikatetsu-tozai line, Nanboku line, Yurakucho line, Oedo line No.1 exit, Kagurazaka Station, chikatetsu-touzai line A3 exit, Ushigome-Kagurazaka Station, chikatetsu-oedo line